BSPX - BAHRAIN Subcontracting and Partnership eXchange
Bahrain SPX center dedicated to Bahraini Industries

The Kingdom of Bahrain in co-operation with the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) have launched the Bahrain Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange center (BSPX) by Dr. Hassan Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce in Manama at a ceremony held at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre on 5th September 2012.

The SPX centers is hosted through Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Bahrain. Working with major buyers and deploying a range of tools and expertise, the center will assist local SMEs to develop their technical and managerial capabilities so that they can become competitive and world class suppliers and sub–contractors to major buyers.

The goal of the BSPX Center is to support Bahraini manufacturing sector by facilitating linkages between local, regional and International level industrial suppliers and buyer networks. Working with a range of local and national organizations and agencies, BSPX is implementing a framework for the program to achieve scale and impact on the manufacturing sector.

BSPX have already visited over 200 manufacturer in Bahrain and have profiles the supplier database which is available with BSPX center

Regional GCC SPX network

The GSPX (GCC Subcontracting and Partnership eXchange) in the GCC is the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting initiative for industrial cooperation which has been in place since 2001,Headquarters for Regional GSPX center is located in Qatar which covers 6 counties in GCC and acts as Pilot SPX center for all SPX centers in GCC. To know more visit or

Global SPX Network

Over the last 25 years, UNIDO has established Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges (SPXs) with the objective of helping local enterprises to successfully meet the challenges of globalization and to take advantage of the emerging opportunities that evolve from industrial subcontracting, outsourcing and supply chain opportunities. There are nearly 90 SPX centers established across 44 countries to know more visit

BSPX Value added Services
Key Program objectives
The SPX approach builds on global best practice and consists of four activities:

Supplier Profiling

The Bahrain SPX team of experts will work alongside key industrial organization to catalogue locally produced products and production capabilities of Bahraini manufacturing suppliers. These 200 supplier profiles are now available for sharing with major buyer networks

Supplier Capacity Building

SPX Capacity-building supports the suppliers to meet the requirement through SPX tools like benchmarking exercise them this helps in formulating investment proposals, mobilizing financing and in identifying technology partners. The local SPX team will help form linkages to local development agencies.


Within each Regional SPX Centre, a BSPX expert team, supported by GOIC, works directly with key industrial buyer networks to identify specific opportunities and then assist in matching with relevant potential suppliers.

Industrial Fairs and Industrial Delegation

A regional and international level exhibition will be organized in cooperation all SPX centers in GCC to facilitate the Suppliers of the region. All major buyer and supplier will get an opportunity to explore the strength of Supplier in Bahrain.

How to Join with BSPX Center

You can download the BSPX company registration form and send filled information to us. If required our expert team will visit your company to collect more detailed information. To learn more about the BSPX you can contact

  • Mrs. Dalal Ali Safar, financial analysis, Tel: 17568088, fax: 17581504, email:
  • Mr. Saeed Ali Swar, Senior Economist, Tel: 1756036, fax: 17581504, email:

Subcontracting is all about the strong linkage between supplier & buyer. The Partnership is all about effective linkage between various stake holders like Investor and various other Institutes.

Download: Bahrain SPX Brochure | Bahrain SPX Registration Form

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